Reflections of Passion !!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Retired Tired !

Guys I have taken a temporary retirement from blogging...will come back soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yes thats what I fell like calling myself. Sometimes I become too lazy that I don't feel like shutting down the laptop. And for that only I didn't write a single blog all these days. Well now the job is difficult as so many things have happened. The new year..meeting with Debo at New Jersey, excellent trip that consisted of a thorough trip of NYC(specially Manhattan and Times Square),great treats in Chicago and so on so forth; its difficult to put it down at one place. But after all these I can say that I still miss my homeland, and the thought of visiting Kolkata this December still excites me a lot!!(come on...less than a year [:)]). For the timebeing its only work now...but can it more trip Austin. Yes, its hosting HPCA and me and my room mate have an option of visiting the conference free of cost (thanks to advisors). So east south and central..the west still remains unexplored.

My cooking has developed a lot more...(my recipe bag now consists of some videsi recipes egg-drop soup, clam chowder soup, smoked Turkey vagaira vgaiara. Good for me and my roommate. But one thing I am getting really bad at is waking up I should really change my habbit. But no classes in the morning ..whats my fault!!

Ohh..Fonta is least in all those jhandaoing has started on Gtalk..bad for me.

gala times

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Lonely vacation

At last..after 4 months I got my notebook today ! Now I know why I needed it deparately. And its worth it. Winter vacations have set in and no grad-students are there in the vicinity (quite unatural as the desi group bump against each other throughout the day in this small place). But winter is really boring; caged for the whole day inside the artificially heated apartment. Got a frost bite yesterday when I went out for shopping, its freaking cold man ! So no way of visiting Chicago. Hopefully NJ & NYC will be better in the New Years eve. My room mate has already left for Boston and I am finding it hard to spend my time watching ABC, TNT & AMC. I spent the last couple of days cooking and found that was the best way to pass time. Tried the 'Roasted Turkey Wings' and beleive me it was a grand success !!! It earned me a lot of bravado from the desi junta here; nevertheless I feel my best recipe after coming here is 'Piyaj Tomato diye Maacher Jhaal' (although it was nowhere near mom's recipe). Watched 'Munich' on friday..awesome movie, much better than King Kong which I saw last week. Spielberg rocks !!! what a wonderful topic. I was so thrilled with that I spent the night reading about the Palestinian history and Black September. Also my favorite actor list has one more addition after this: Eric Bana..such a handsome actor and what a performance! Bought some stuffs for Christmas, some DVDs, some chocolates. I hope our old wing reunion will be a success. Well, it has happened before back in India after passing out from KGP, but this time its special..its in New York !! Yo! looking forward to it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

when will the snow melt?

At the beginning it was extreme fun to watch the scenic beauty..and exclaim "wow"..but it had snowed continuosly for a week in Evanston...and now its a pain to wade through the 11 inches tall pillars of snow on the sidewalks. Shopping and outings have been cut short to almost twice a month for that and even you can't enjoy the weekends(which is the only time to enjoy for these firangis). The best option now is to sit in front of this magic box and surf through the deal pages. But I am bored with that too. So here are a few links to remove your boredom if you are in a condition like me...

1. (cool quality of movies)
2. (a little expensive but you get to see even matches and concerts)
3. (cool collection of songs n vids)

Plans for Winter Vacation?...hoping to have a good time at DC, NJ and NYC on the NewYears Eve.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Realizations !!!

  • One thirds of my first year is complete with the end of the Fall2005 quarter..donno how many more to go...thought of it makes me tired..
  • In order to survive in US you have to have frequents trips and visits to places of interest...and thats why I am bored of Chicago and want to visit New York.
  • Washington DC is awesome in its beuty...great architectures, magnificent museums , pleasant weather (compared to Chicago) is the natural beauty of the surrounding states like Virginia, Maryland.
  • American recipes like Turkey roast, apple pie, celery stew and crab wanton wings are no where near mutton rezala, keema curry and chingri maacher paturi.
  • Rediscovered the magic of Matrix..watched the trilogy once again...but this time with a new meaning....however didn't like Star Wars.
  • Snowfall is so least the first sight of snow covered roads and cars is so beautiful !!!
  • Christmas time coming....dreaming of a White more trip...

Me & my cousin bro in front of the the Capitol Building

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving !!!!!!

Having a blast .....

Monday, November 14, 2005

Do you want to be HAPPY?

Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoom Zoom Zoom
Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoom Zoom Zoom
Dine raate nei chokhe ghoom.....
Pran holo Arab Sagar.....
Prem jeno Oasis...Taklamakane...
Priyotoma door er door er i nagar...
Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoom Zoom Zoom


P= Projects;
Y=Yearly 3 quarters?

I don't wanna be 'happy' in life? do you?